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Nightlife in Split

During summer season, Split is a very dynamical and lively city. Nightlife is very diverse during whole season, but it reaches it's peak during hot summer months. Split is not only famous in Croatia, but in Europe, too, cause of it's attractive people so clubbing can be a very pleasing experience. Knowing the fact that most of renting places like rooms and apartments are placed near the city centre or near beaches, finding a place to go out and party won't be a problem. Wherever you are staying, your quest will be simple: find a group of young people and follow sound of loud music and soon you will find one of many party locations. It's good to know that in this part of Europe, people tend to go much later to clubs: usually after 1 am, whereas in west Europe, people go to clubs much earlier. Many night clubs are open during summer season, but it will be best of you to stick with our advice. Summer happenings can be found at few centers: city centre (old part - Diocletian's palace), clubs near promenade and clubs on beaches (Bacvice beach).

Nightlife in Split

In the city centre you can find many night clubs. This part is most visited by young tourists so you won't really find many locals there. Most famous ones are Gaga, on Peristil square, famous by it's excellent and fairly cheap cocktails, then you have Irish Pub on Carinina Poljana square, and Fluid, Ghetto bar and Figa bar which are placed around 50 meters from Gaga bar, near southern walls of palace. All these bars and clubs offer huge variety of drinks and local and foreign music. Ghetto bar, for example, is famous for jazz music. There is also a rich summer program on promenade and Discoteque Riva (Promenade) being the most famous one.

Bacvice beach is the most popular summer destination is Split during whole year and especially during summer season among both locals and tourists. On the same beach you can find few nightclubs and bars in one huge complex of three floors. Most popular ones are Beach bar Bacvice and night club Tropic. They are filled to capacity all day long during summer season, and on weekends in winter season. Beach bar Bacvice is famous by its attractive dancers and Tropic is more of an elite club. You must respect it's dress code to get in. On the same location you will be able to find few more small bars and on the third floor you can find few fast food restaurants for quick bite in the night. In most of this clubs you will be able to enjoy popular MTV music.

Ten minutes of walk towards east, between Zenta beach and Firule beach, you will find O'Hara night club. It is very popular among young locals and it has two floors. On first one you can enjoy MTV music and second floor plays local and foreign alternative and rock music, so you can switch floors depending on your mood. O'Hara has it's own parking lot, and on Wednesday you can enjoy in dalmatian music, while on Monday you can dance in rhythms of Croatian dance trash music. Mondays offer best atmosphere but also a huge crowd, which is a normal part of nightlife in Split.

Near city stadium Poljud, you can find few more nightclubs, however, these are more popular during winter. They are Vanilla club, Hemingway club and Plava kava club. But that's not it. You can enjoy alternative music in Quasimodo club (near Emanuel Vidovich park, ten minutes of walk towards north from city centre), or you can enjoy your time in cocktail bars Jungla on Zvoncac, and Obojena svjetlost placed on beach Kastelet in the west part of the city.

And least but not last, Split is the host of Ultra Music Europe festival for five years. It is the biggest electronic music festival in Europe, hosting names like Avicii, Guetta and Tiesto. This festival only affirms Split as the main party spot in this part of Europe.

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